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Published on October 6, 2012 by

The fiction book series that UFC & MMA fans have been waiting for

When I started writing the first Cageside Chronicles book (Fighting the Storm) more than a year ago, there were really no MMA fiction books on the shelves. Even boxing has its meager amount of quality fiction to grace the novel section of the bookshop. The Professional by W.C. Heinz comes to mind, but we’re talking over 50 years ago!

I guess there are so many colorful people in the real world of combat that fiction characters haven’t been so necessary. Or maybe, it is that fight fans simply aren’t into reading novels on a regular basis.

Either way, I saw a gap in the market, and I was disappointed to see it. I love reading fiction, and I love MMA. I couldn’t I find a true old fashioned fighting adventure set in the modern day cages of Las Vegas.

So, eventually, with the persuasion of a publisher, I decided to take it upon myself to create these missing MMA fiction books. Then, about halfway through writing it, I realized that the story of Tommy Knuckles, and his family and friends, was far too vast to tell in one outing. And the further and further I delved, I realized there was a whole world waiting to be discovered.

So, the Cageside Chronicles universe was created and there seems to be no end in sight. There is an entire universe to be discovered, and I hope you enjoy reading the tales of these fighters from around the world as much as I enjoyed writing them.

So, if you are looking for MMA fiction books, you’ve found the right place.

The entire first trilogy in the series (Tommy Knuckles Trilogy) is now available on Kindle and all other e-readers, either individually or as the full 3-in-1 pack. Either way, they’re as cheap as a cup of coffee, so check them out and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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  1. Jared Harrison

    found your Cageside Chornicles trilogy by complete accident on Amazon today- cannot wait to download and give em a go. I used to do martial arts as a kid and teen and am now 34 yr old father of two beautiful girls. While I looove and appreciate the diverse training and skills for “true MMA” artists or practiconers, I’m not crazy about UFC or the brash attitudes that most UFC fighters (with the exception of a few) have. It’s in my opinion, the opposite attitude of what true martial arts teaches you. However, this Tommy Knuckles story line sounds interesting and look forward to checking it out.


    • Hey Jared, I’m glad you found them!
      I understand what you mean. The characters in my book definitely come from a more martial arts minded approach. Especially in the third Tommy Knuckles Trilogy book Fighting the Shadows, which really tackles the problems in the fight industry that you mention.

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